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We build strong bonds. At our core, we believe that we understand ourselves through interaction with others, and that people need space. So we work actively to grow an environment where each person fits comfortably, fostering enthusiasm and creativity. We know what we’re good at, and what our team is good at. And as we get better, faster and more effective, we return the surplus energy and use it to try new things, experiment and explore.

  • Professional Authority

    We are good at what we do. We recruit the best, and give them space to grow. We share our knowledge, and don’t worry about being copied or imitated.

  • Personal Warmth

    We’re genuinely nice people. Our recruitment process focuses on the person as much as their knowledge. We ask for 10 references, because  relationships matter.

  • Trust

    We create an environment of trust. We have each others backs and plan for the long term. We believe that people are fundamentally good and can be trusted.

  • Autonomy

    We believe in the individual. We build tight structures, and topple hierarchies. We make decisions at the lowest possible level, and manage ourselves.

Our culture

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